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La Puerta Azul Holbox is a Hotel designed to achieve harmony between ecological care and comfort


Animals welcome

Many animals are important inhabitants of the island. As are the cuijas or geckos, which eat mosquitoes, the hairy-tailed Cambalacheras rodents, snakes, raccoons, and more.

It is our responsibility to coexist respectfully with the environment.

If you find any animal, please call   someone in charge of the hotel  

Tratamiento de purificación de agua

Holbox is an island with limited resources, we, as a responsible company want to provide you with the best possible stay. Unfortunately, water being a limited resource on the island leaves us with the responsibility of conserving it. That is why we have implemented revitalizing energy-saving showers

Also, towel cleaning system only if the client requests it.

In this way, we all help the island and the environment.

Electric power on the island is a limited and precious resource. Hotel La Puerta Azul is committed to the environment and therefore, in order to take care of the island, guests are asked to turn off their A/C and lights every once they leave their room.

In this way we take care of the resources of Holbox. 

Water care


Eventos privados
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